Book a Hotel!

You save for whole year, so going on vacation must be as stress free as possible and needing to get up early & go through all the inconvenience of getting to the airport can be a real discomfort. More affordable flights are typically scheduled at not so desirable hours, or you might have been on a long flight when it can be harmful to drive whilst worn out. There is an option! Reserve an airport hotel.

Why book?

Using a hotel at the airport (specifically if you have a late or early flight) can make a big distinction to your travel experience. You don’t want to catch up on transfer buses right? Then order valet parking and somebody will meet you at the airport and park your car for you. That is a breeze, right?

Kinds of Hotels

Airport hotels differ considerably in size, design and cost. There are 5-star luxuries through to budget B&B’s, hotels with access directly into the terminal or those that have a shuttle transfer to reach check in. There are also hotels more tailored to business tourists and those for leisure.


Whether you are selecting a hotel for the very first or last night of your vacation, you need to choose based on the following:

  • Your budget for the stay
  • Variety of spaces and number of people
  • The requirements you are used to when remaining in hotels

Unless you use all the amenities of the hotel you select, then its not practical paying for something you do not in fact need.

How far you wish to be from the airport

Consider your check in time and the time required to reach check in from your hotel

Do you need car parking too?

Think about an airport hotel with parking, which typically exercises more affordable than parking alone

Inspect whether each hotel uses a transfer service to the airport. These might not be 24 hour and/or might charge a cost.

Advantages of pre-booking an airport hotel

  • Save Money – you can save as much as 60% on basic rates!
  • Save Time – no need to trawl through hotel sites looking for the best rate – an online search will offer you the complete hotel information and areas so you can pick the best hotel for your needs.
  • Ensure your booking – at peak seasons, many hotels are fully booked and will just have spaces readily available at a very high rate. Reserve ahead and ensure your space at the very best cost.
  • Compare different hotels on line and get the best rate for your needs from the convenience of your very own office or home.
  • Rest and Relaxation – by not needing to take a trip early or late you can rest and unwind, making your journey more satisfying. You can loosen up with a meal, a beverage or perhaps use the leisure centers that many hotels use.

Airport Hotels are the best way to start your break if you have a morning flight or late night return & there are a series of plans all created to meet your needs; be it a business journey, a family vacation or simply someplace to rest your head.

Pre-book your stay and save money! You can also schedule an airport hotel with parking for a hassle-free, complete and secured parking!